Who is Hana Travels?

"Hana" (花) means flower in Japanese and "Hana" (하나) means number one in Korean. We are passionate about satisfied customers and exceptional service. With our deep understanding of the Japanese and Korean culture, and a vast local network, we offer the best travel value your money can buy. 

Customer satisfaction
Hana Travels cares deeply about maximising your travel experience. We go above and beyond to make sure every customer leaves with a smile.

Professional services
We have over 20 years of experience organising group travel to Japan and Korea. With our experience and network in these countries we are able to fulfil all your group travel needs.

Through decades of travel and study we have developed knowledge about the Japanese and Korean language and culture. We can also advise you about Japanese and Korean business culture. 


Himanshu Yogi, founder

Studied Japanese at Kyoto University in 1983. Has been traveling back to Japan ever since. Brains of Hana Travels and Japan-expert.


Chunghee Yogi, co-founder

Moved to Mumbai 30 years ago from South-Korea. Speaks a gazillion languages and gets things done. Highly involved with the Korean community in India.


Naina Mistry, COO

Ensures your trip runs smoothly. Studied Korean in Seoul and now studies Japanese. Works magic behind the screens as the arms and limbs of Hana Travels.


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